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(4) A theory of interactions between polarizable dielectric spheres
Jian Qin, Jiyuan Li, Victor Lee, Heinrich Jaeger, Juan J de Pablo, Karl F Freed
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 469, 237–241 (2016). link.

(3) Direct observation of particle interactions and clustering in charged granular streams
Victor Lee, Scott R. Waitukaitis, Marc Z. Miskin, and Heinrich M. Jaeger
Nature Physics, 11, 733–737 (2015). link.
News & Views article by Frank Spahn & Martin Sei
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(2) Size-dependent same-material tribocharging in insulating grains
Scott R. Waitukaitis, Victor Lee, James M. Pierson, Steven L. Forman, and Heinrich M. Jaeger
Physical Review Letters, 112, 218001 (2014). link.
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(1) Probing the limit of one-dimensional heat transfer under extreme bending strain
Victor Lee, Renkun Chen, and Chih-Wei Chang
Physical Review B, 87, 035406 (2013). link.